“Rebecca is a true visionary. She is able to transform complicated and siloed organizing efforts into harmonious, high-functioning advocacy campaigns with clear strategies and defined goals. Unafraid of tackling complex issues, Rebecca is adept at co-creating strategies with frontline communities to influence decision-making processes, build collective power and advocate for social-ecological health. Outside of her approach, Rebecca’s style of working is everything you would want in a collaborator—open to new ideas, creative and nimble in her methods, and a joy to be around.”
Rebecca Pryor, Executive Director, Guardians of Flushing Bay 

“Rebecca is without a doubt the most effective advocate and community organizer I have ever worked with. I look forward to continuing to partner with Rebecca in the future to protect the Hudson and the communities which rely on it.”
John Lipscomb, Riverkeeper Patrol Boat Captain and Vice President, Riverkeeper

“One of the first things I do is think about who has the skills, the energy and sheer grit to make something happen. That of course led me to Rebecca Martin. Rebecca is really skilled at providing quiet leadership. There is no doubt in my mind that we would not have achieved this (reinstating Dr. David Carpenter academic status) without Rebecca’s steady hand and hard work. She is an outstanding community organizer and is especially good at collaboration.  She is willing to roll up her sleeves and work hard to get the job done, regardless of how tedious the task. She excels at bringing diverse groups of people together, getting them thinking strategically and rowing in the same direction. This is not easy, but people are drawn to Rebecca, respect her judgment and are often happy to get on board with her efforts.”
Judith Enck, Former EPA Administrator (appointed by President Obama) , President of Beyond Plastics and Senior Fellow, Bennington College 

“Under Rebecca’s organizational leadership, we successfully repelled a couple of proposals to introduce two major infusions of metropolitan trash, this time construction and demolition debris (C&D) into Greene County.”
Dave Walker, Geologist, Columbia University 

“Rebecca Martin helped us to found TownOfUlsterCitizens.org as we began our fight against the Lincoln Park Grid Support Center in the Town of Ulster.  Her eye for detail, to leave no stone unturned, her dedication to these environmental issues, and her unique way of dealing with each process makes her an asset to any organization.  She has an incredible network of colleagues that she can rally at any time, and she does this often.  Her network alone would be a great asset to anyone who hires her.”
Laura Hartmann, TownOfUlsterCitizens.org 

“Rebecca Martin has had a long-lasting and critical impact on our community. Her tireless efforts to educate our community has led to unprecedented strides in Indigenous Rights, including its first Indigenous Peoples Day resolution, the first time recognition of the original stewards of these lands, and the first gathering of Indigenous Peoples of different communities for a Peace Walk for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and in protection of Troy’s Sacred Forest and the Hudson River.”
Friends of the Mahicantuck (North Troy, NY)

“I have had the opportunity to work with Rebecca as she supported the efforts of the Rondout Creek Watershed Alliance’s rebirth. She is beyond dedicated and has an impressive range of knowledge and expertise about community activism and what it takes to move grass roots organizations forward.”
Laura Finestone, Rondout Creek Watershed Alliance 

“Rebecca Martin has that rare combination of head and heart that makes for a superb project manager and ally. The ability to see what needs to be done on a technical level combined with the capacity to understand and feel what communities need to protect our earth, water and air makes Rebecca a truly great consultant, partner, ally and human being to work with.”
Owl Smith, Ramapough Munsee Lenape

“Rebecca is a master of campaign strategist, who can creatively brainstorm, and pivot as needed, to accomplish fundamental campaign goals in “out-of-the-box” ways. Most importantly, she is someone who not only listens to the community she is trying to support, but also enables and encourages them to take on leadership roles in their fight, leaving them more empowered to carry on that fight, whatever the particular issue might be, into the future. And she never gives up, an essential requirement for anyone engaged in long-term campaigns to preserve and protect our most important resources from the local, statewide, national and planet-wide challenges they are facing.”
Kate Hudson, Environmental Lawyer and Advocacy Coordinator Climate and Energy, Waterkeeper

Whether as a community organizer, a team member or member of a coalition, Rebecca is a force multiplier. She’s adept at facilitation and consensus-building to develop strategic goals for groups of various sizes and makeups, including factitious and otherwise challenging groups. She’s also a tenacious worker, committed to seeing through projects from start to finish and ensuring that no details go unaddressed. Her fingerprints aren’t always visible on the outcomes she achieves, because her work is often to empower others’ to reach their goals, but her work is always essential to those successes.
Dan Shapley, Sr. Director of Advocacy, Policy and Planning, Hudson Riverkeeper

“Rebecca is an information-gatherer and an information-sharer who leads by empowering people to make their own plans and decisions. She is able to see through a complex problem and find the simple next step forward. She is an organizer in the best sense of the word, because she doesn’t just build a strategy and then push or pull people along: she co-creates strategies with a team, and supports them with what they need. Rebecca is one of a kind and it is a privilege to work with her and learn from her. ”
Jennifer Epstein, Freshwater Ecologist & Geospatial Information Scientist

“For 6 years Rebecca Martin has offered her talents, skills and aspiration to the Hudson 7 council. “Success is often achieved by those who don’t accept failure” –  this is Rebecca. Her drive and technical leadership has motivated everyone on the Hudson 7 council to achieve something that has never been done before to protect the Hudson River as a source of drinking water for 100,000 people. Being an advocate for the environment and never backing down from a challenge was instrumental to achieving our goals as an organization.”
Mayor Gary Bassett (Village of Rhinebeck) and Chairman of the Hudson River Drinking Water Intermunicipal Council (Hudson 7)

“Rebecca Martin is tough, imaginative and persistent beyond the bounds of patience.    What I value most in working with Rebecca is her ability to listen, learn and adapt to what we, as a community, need and are able to do.  She has been invaluable as we look for ways to oppose careless industrial expansion in the upper Hudson Valley.”
Barbara Heinzen, Clean Air Coalition of Coeymans – Ravena

“No one is better at crafting a strategic campaign that successfully brings about lasting political change than Rebecca Martin. I have worked with Rebecca on large and small efforts to move public policy in a direction that benefits the public good. In some of those winning campaigns, a positive outcome was highly unlikely given that corporate opponents had deep pockets and well connected allies. In every instance, Rebecca crafted a deft political strategy combining a mastery of the public policy making processes, citizen education, and policy content knowledge with grit and an ability to build coalitions. With decades of public advocacy, Martin is simply the best advocate to have in your corner and on your team.”
Dr. Lynn Eckert, Professor of Political Science, Marist College