Supporting environmental, local government and partner-driven campaigns.

  • Identify and research a problem and its process, no matter how simple or complex, for fact-based organizing;
  • Power map to make sure that everyone is at the table to identify shared goals and to build consensus; 
  • Develop connections across organizations and alliances to create a strong social movement;
  • Connect with scientific and legal experts to understand complicated questions and improve advocacy and educational outreach;
  • Create messaging around process steps and civics to engage more of the public;
  • Collaborate with government and agencies wherever possible to support good government practices;
  • Plan webinars, press conferences, and community events to get the word out;
  • Lead in all areas of project management to ground big ideas;
  • Perform strategic exercises to identify and set realistic goals for short, mid, and long-term planning;
  • Provide thoughtful retreats and facilitation for small groups;
  • Explore the world of fiscal sponsorship options and help to guide in building an organization.

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