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Rebecca Martin Consulting: October and November 2023 debrief

Debrief previous months in 2023 August/September   It’s been a very busy advocacy season. Below is a debrief of some key moments for the months of October and November.  Please be in touch if you have any questions, or to raise a problem in need of strategic grassroots organizing or collaborative organizational management.   Rebecca Martin rebeccamartinconsulting (at) gmail.com 845/750-7295 Hudson River Drinking Water Intermunicipal Council/Hudson 7 The Hudson 7 has great technical advisors who serve the council and provide deep expertise.  There are seven of them currently and include Randy Alstadt (Treatment Plant Operations (PWTF)), Dan Shapley (General), Emily Svenson (Land Use),  Paul Malmrose (Engineering), Dorothy DiNobile (Laboratory Analysis), Grant Jiang (Drinking Water Source Protection) and Captain John Lipscomb (Anchorages).   After having advocated since the spring when I was on staff at Riverkeeper, the Consensus Building Institute (CBI), EPA’s consultant, has finally opened up seats on the Hudson River PCB Superfund Site Community Advisory Board (CAG) to include groups located on the lower-Hudson River. Randy Alstadt has been appointed (and Dottie DiNoble will act as an alternate) to serve going forward on the CAG on behalf of the Hudson 7. The CAG for the Hudson River PCBs Superfund Site is […]

Rebecca Martin Consulting: August and September 2023 debrief

Since becoming a full time consultant in July,  I have been really enjoying my new role with a whole assortment of interesting and challenging case work.  Going forward, I will provide a debrief on these large campaigns (in no particular order) so that you can follow along.  Stay in touch. I will, too. Rebecca Martin rebeccamartinconsulting@gmail.com   Hudson River Drinking Water Intermunicipal Council/Hudson 7 As a founding member and acting coordinator of the Hudson 7 since 2017, the council is near and dear to me.  During my recent transition, I was pleased to be hired to put my strategic management skills to work to help develop their initiatives in 2023-2024.  It’s a large list of items that include helping to establish their new 501c3, supporting the participating municipalities drinking water operators, maintaining the group’s watchdog role on key issues threatening water quality and more.   The Hudson 7’s  current draft goals, work plan and task timeline will all be discussed and adopted at the next Hudson 7 full council meeting on October 19. For more information: Hudson 7’s website Hudson 7 on YouTube Beacon Island Development Coal Ash For nearly a year, I have been working in collaboration with Captain […]